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Starsign Characterization

Updated: Mar 16

The proof for the first Midnight Collection, featuring my short story, Saturnalia, is on it's way to our editor now! While impatiently waiting to get my grubby mits on that book with MY WRITING in it, I've begun work on the next story for the next collection.

The story is about a cult and I don't want to give up too many details, (not like I have that many to give at this early stage) but I think it will be a lot of fun. Today, I've been working on figuring out who my main character is and stumbled upon a fun way to make up an entire personality. Use astrology! I was going to make a whole post here about how to go about doing that, but that very same person who is editing our lovely collection, Joseph Kelly, has already done so. I found his post incredibly helpful and if you're a writer, you might too, so here's a link: Zodiac for Characters Part One.

My favorite detail of the horoscope I pulled for my character is that it said "beware of eye injuries" and eye injuries are a prominent feature of this story. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right!
a 3 by 3 grid featuring images of eyes that have been bent and distorted
Off-putting results of telling the Craiyon AI to give me images prompted by the phrase "Beware of Eye Injury"

I've found it very helpful to use these horoscopes to think of little details of my main character's personality. If you think you might find it helpful too, check out Joseph Kelly's blog. He's got a bunch of other really helpful writing advice there. I've been using a character sheet template from him as well. If you're into writing, I highly recommend tossing this gent a follow.

A lino block with an image of a taffy with a skull in the middle carved into it surrounded by 4 test prints of the same image.
Lino block and test prints for the bookmarks. Still have a bit of work to perfect them.

Meanwhile, I'm also still working on making bookmarks to go with the current edition of Saturnalia. I've got the block carved and some test prints done, I'm waiting on a corner punch to arrive so I can cut up some paper to print that has those lovely rounded corners and then I'll be printing away. I'll make a whole post when the book is ready that will include a link to sign up for a bookmark if you want one.

The other big thing on my plate right now is moving the studio. I've decided to move my studio into the house after all to save money, and also because my epileptic cat needs medicine five times a day. This means moving my bedroom into the smaller room in the house because all of my craft shit needs ALL OF THE SPACE. It's been quite overwhelming, but I've been reaching out to some friends for help and I think I'll be able to get it all done. I have a long window of time because of how little energy I have been able to muster these days.

I'm hoping once I get my studio moved and return the space to landlord appeasing quality, I'll have much more time to spend on writing and goofing around with art. I wish I could just skip to having a finished and organized studio but magic isn't real, goddammit. Matilda you lied to me!

A grey tabby cat and a tuxedo cat sleep soundly with their backs touching
Just kidding, if magic wasn't real there is no way I would have photo evidence of these two previously-needing-separate-quarters-monsters calmly sleeping together.

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