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 The Midnight Collection vol.2: Dark Harvest featuring my short story Be Still, My Heart is now available!

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Who the fuck is Lydia Moody?

You don't know me but I know you. You love sitting in the dark, listening to the wind tearing through old decrepit trees. You want to feel the tingle on your skin that tells you someone else is there watching, waiting. You like the iron smell of blood as it drips down your face, pooling to the ground as the world fades to black.


 Lydia Moody is an artist and writer who lives in Portland, OR with her spouse, Jesse; cat, Riot; and two tarantulas, Auntie Whispers and Coach Beard. Growing up, she would often walk to the video store just to look at the VHS covers in the horror section. This obsession with film and film-art informs her writing style, which often features notes of silliness, camp, and plenty of splatter. Aside from writing, you might find her picking up a plethora of crafty hobbies such as crochet, miniature building, small scale metal sculpture/jewelry making, block printing, and sewing. 

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