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Tying Shoes

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

I recently started a job teaching art for an afterschool program at a nearby elementary school. It's been very distracting because I don't know a lot about teaching and childhood behavioral development so I've been spending a lot of energy trying to absorb as much information as I can about teaching art to small goblins. It's exhausting and very easy to get overwhelmed, but also pretty fun and insightful.

I was telling Jesse, my partner, about an interaction I had with a student yesterday. She asked me to tie her shoe. Of course, I bend over to tie her shoe, and she says, "I know how to tie my shoe, I'm just lazy." I told her that she isn't lazy, and not to call herself lazy, and she just shrugged and said, "But I am." I told Jesse that this broke my heart a little. I said "I don't think she was being lazy, I think she just wanted some attention. It's nice to have someone else tie your shoes every now and then." He replied, "Lydia, I'm not going to tie your shoes." Hardy Har Har, Jesse.

But it has me thinking, sometimes we all need a little extra care from someone we trust. Even if it's something we are normally good at, sometimes we just need to be a little lazy about it. I think it's ok to forgive ourselves those moments, and seek some connection. Let's not forget what it was like when we were kids and could ask someone you trust to tie your shoe.

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